Apr 29

Watch this video showing why you can succeed with Science Cosmos

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Science Cosmos gives you a piece of a growing and recession proof industry that enhances children’s lives. Science Cosmos works with franchisees to establish a viable children’s educational business through expert marketing, resources and business development. The power of the Science Cosmos brand is just the beginning. We support our franchisees in delivering value to children and parents and run a profitable business for the long term. Your success is our success, which is why we guide you every step of the way.

Science Cosmos

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Apr 24

Robots Battle and the Fun never stops

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Battle of the Java Robots!

Students from Science Cosmos programmed Robots using Java and then the battle started .... and then as they say the rest is history!.

 Science Cosmos is proud to be the exhibitor partner of the USA Science and Engineering Festival.

Apr 16

Why a Children’s Enrichment Franchise Offers the Unbeatable Combination of Low Overhead and High Growth

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Are you looking to buy a franchise? If you want a low cost, affordable opportunity with low overheads and in a growing industry, you are left with few options. But there is one untapped industry that is set for explosive growth.

New Opportunities

Children’s Enrichment franchises combine afterschool care and education. They provide parents the flexibility they need to juggle various commitments, whilst giving children a head start academically. Parents are looking not just for afterschool clubs that keep children safe and secure. They are looking for classes that their kids enjoy and that provide real educational value. There is huge demand for childcare with an educational approach, and there simply isn’t enough supply.

Growth Industry

This makes it a growth industry, and those companies and franchises who step in now are in unique position to build large client bases. The economics of this industry are simple: children’s educational centers provide a service that parents are willing to pay a premium for. With limited options available, franchisees in the kids’ education sector are enjoying rapid growth. Many industries are moving online and a lot of franchisees with physical locations are seeing their clients dwindle and their businesses suffer. Child enrichment franchisees, however, are seeing the complete opposite. Child care and hands on education cannot be transferred online.

Capitalizing on the Culture Shift

American attitudes to work are changing. More and more mothers are choosing to return to work on a part time or full time basis. They need the flexibility of day care and after school care to do their job properly. If parents do this, they need reliable and safe environments for their children. But not only that, they want their kids to learn, and not just be looked after.

Low Overheads

The main priority for franchisees is often low overheads and the ability to set up a business with limited starting capital. Kids’ education franchises require a physical location, computer equipment and a handful of trained educators. And that is it. With one paid employee delivering a class each, the salary burden is far lower than with most franchises. Kid’s education companies will supply equipment like computers and teaching materials at relatively low cost, included with the franchise fee.

The ongoing costs are very limited, especially compared to a retail outlet or food franchise. The equipment isn’t cheap, but it lasts. Another bonus of a kid’s education franchise is that they can avoid the high cost of city center premises, with cheaper suburban sites being the norm.

The benefits of educational franchises are clear. It is a growing industry that sees far more demand than there is supply, and the operating costs are very low. Children’s enrichment centers are set to become a normal feature of American life, and smart entrepreneurs are starting to take advantage.

Are you looking to buy a franchise? If you want a low cost, affordable opportunity with low overheads and in a growing industry, you are left with few options. But there is one untapped industry that is set for explosive growth.

Mar 26

Value of the Science Cosmos Program

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